Features - YaBB Forenserver
  • Hosting as many desired YaBB Forums (Delimitation possible)
  • Advertisement fade in(Header/Footer)
  • Overview of all registered forums
  • Search-Function by Member (Administrators)
  • Round write function for writing messages to all forum administrators
  • Advertising free function for fading out advertisement
  • File Tool for the bringing in/deletion of files into existing forums
  • CHMOD function for setting the correct CHMOD's after bringing in a Backups
  • Backup-Function for save the forum data
  • Info- Function for fading in information in the Adminarea of the forums
  • On/Off-Function for switch forums on/off
  • Inactive forum function for indicating inactive forums with the possibility to delete these
  • Extensions of the forum functions by the installation further free AddOns
  • Multilanguage (german/english)

Features - YaBB Forums
Some features of the YaBB forums, which can be provided with the YaBB Forenservers.

In the administration:
  • Provide as many desired categories and forums
  • Provide own Templates (Forums-Design)
  • Many possibilities for the authorizations (Forums and Categories)
  • E-Mail control center to change the E-Mail messages which is send by the forum
  • Delete registered Users
  • banish users
  • Send messages to all users by E-Mail or short message
  • Reserve member names
  • Provide mailing lists
  • Edit Forum-Rules
  • Choice between different registration options
  • Add own Smilies
  • Creat moderators for forums
  • Maintenance mode for switch off forums
  • Clearly forum statistics
In member profiles:
  • Change the indicator name
  • Change the e-mail-adress
  • Selection of mailing lists
  • Field for the own web page
  • Fields for different Messanger-Sytems addresses (ICQ, AIM, MSN, YIM)
  • Selection of personal avatars
  • Settings for shortmessages (own Bannlist, E-Mail-Notification, Sound-Options, Awy-Message)
  • Settings for signature
  • Selection of different templates (Forums-Design)
  • Fade out the e-mail address
On each side:
  • Notification if new short messages
  • Greetings with time and date
  • Navigations-Menu (Setting options: only text and/or pictures)
In Board-Index (Forum overview):
  • Display the forum-news in a separate banner
  • Forum statistics with the following information: newest member, Number of members, Number of threads and posts
  • Graphic for new posts in the forums
  • Indicate the last posts in the different forums with date and member name
  • Indicate the moderators in each forum
  • possibility of mark posts as "read"
In the topic overview:
  • Graphic for new posts in the forums
  • Indicate the last posts in the different forums with date and member name
  • Indicate the moderators
  • "Go to" Selection field for changing in other categories and forums
  • possibility of mark posts as "read"
  • Provide polls
In Posts:
  • Numbering of the individual posts
  • Indicate when a post was provided (Date and Time)
  • Information about the author of post (E-Mail-Address, Homepage, Status and much more)
  • Indicate of user profiles
  • Possibility to quote posts
  • Possibility to delete posts (Author/Moderatoren)
  • Possibility to receive a notification by Mail with answers
  • Possibility to print out topics
  • Send topics to e-mail addresses
Provide topics/posts:
  • Selection of a post symbol
  • Different possibilities to format text
  • Add Smilies to message-text
  • Add Pictures, URL's, E-Mail-Addresses, Flash
  • Possibility for activating the notification option
  • Preview-Function
Other Functions:
  • Search function in forums
  • Memberlist with many functions
  • ManyAdmin/Moderatoren functions (delete/move/modify posts and topics)
  • Send short message
  • Buddy list

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