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the german and english Supportportal of YaBB-Forenserver
The YaBB-Server-Software is one of the prominent Foren-Server-Systems. It is developed on the software of the Singleboard-Version of The YaBB-Server makes it possible, to build in few seconds a complete forum and the software only uses one system file and a language file. For the forums themselves, additional forum folders are provided, which contain only the forum data (User Data, Board Data, Templates), those the necessary diskspace limits to a minimum.

The YaBB-Server is written in Perl and runs on the server operating systems Unix, Linux or FreeBSD + Apache.
By flatfiles the YaBB-Server software need no additional database. Extensive management functions and detailed listing of the hosted forums, are made available to the forum service offerer in a clearly Admintool. The hosted forums can be adapted by HTML Templates optically to each web page and by the language packages 'german' and 'english' are multilingual applicable.

By using BoardMod-Software (YaBB-Server-Edition), can the forums without manual editing of the individual system files, in shortest time numerous additional Mods (AddOns) be added. Further features please takes from the Feature-List.

The best to the end: The YaBB-Server is completely free!
Attention: is not a official YaBB homepage! However the YaBB-Server project is "wanted" of the YaBB inventors as "Projekt/Feature" recognized. Concerning the use of the YaBB-Server, the valid rule YaBB-License is to be considered.

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